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Blonde Rainbow™

Composite twin coloured bracket

Put some colours into your patients smile with coloured blonde. Most young patients prefer coloured ligatures. Why not go all the way and offer them coloured brackets like the Blonde Rainbow Edition, a composite bracket in pink, blue, red and pearl violet.

Blonde Rainbow

  • You don´t need an assortment of coloured ligatures, only one transparent type will do.
  • Goes particularly well with Imagination™, toothcoloured arch wires.
  • Rhomboid shape for easy bracketplacement
  • Puts fashion into orthodontics, great patient motivator.

Glass-reinforced composite polymer bracket

Blonde offers both the strength and the good looks that willgive you and your patient great satisfaction. The Blonde bracket is available in Standard Edgewise and in a complete and true ”Straight-Arch” formula with:

  • Ins and outs
  • Torque in base
  • Rhomboid shape for easy bracketplacement
  • Rotation and anti-rotation offsets
  • Hooks available on cuspids/bicuspids
  • Mechanical/chemical lock bonding base
  • Each bracket is identified, according to the FDI-system, with engraved numbers in the bracketbase.


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