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The A-line aligner instruments

The Gap Maker
Part # AL-110

Makes half circle 6mm cutouts on clear aligners around bonded Freddy button/hooks – or similar – used for elastics. Also removes excessive plastic to prevent aligner impingement of tissue.

The Droplet
Part # AL-111

Makes a cut at the gingival edge on the aligner where elastic hooks are required and facilitates space for the elastics to stay in place when the aligner is positioned.

The Parallel Marker
Part # AL-112

Makes a horizontal indent in the plastics for individual root torque or increasing retention of the aligners by placing the indent under a bonded attachment or on the tooth’s undercut.

The Perpendicular Marker
Part # AL-113

Makes a vertical impression in the aligner and creates overcorrection of rotation with an indent at the mesial/distal line, facial or lingual of a specific tooth.

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