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Design features

-Made of hard 17-4 stainless steel metal
-MIM advanced technology
-Contoured appearance for maximum Comfort
-Mesh base
-Available in Roth .022

Springtime bracket provides you with the ability to start and effectively finish your treatment with one, simple system. Springtime system enables you to maintain the precise degree of control that you need for each phase of your patient’s treatment. Springtime’s unique Interactive technology means you can choose the degree of engagement between the bracket and wire. It can be passive for leveling and aligning, expressive where control is realized and free-sliding is maintained, or active for controlled, optimal finishing.


Passive Phase
Small round wires slide freely, initiating the tooth movement process as the archwire gently levels the teeth and coaxes them into alignment.

Expressive Phase
Square or rectangular wires are seated into the base of the slot without contacting the clip. Rotations are corrected and space closures are completed.

Active Phase
Rectangular archwires extend beyond the slot to fully engage the clip, providing the active control necessary for finishing uprighting of the roots and adjusting the torque

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