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Ceramic Brackets

Mechanical performance

  • One-body manufacturing injection process solves the problem of brittleness and breakage and guarantees the precise slot.
  • Undercut mesh in base enables optimal bonding strength and easy debonding.

Physical characteristics

  • High breakage resistance and torque strength are achieved from the dense polycrystalline structure.
  • Good biocompatibility, colour stability and no discolouration.

What patients will find …

  • Aesthetics
    A more transparent and invisible appearance.
  • Comfortable
    Smooth surface, lower profile, smart hooks and perfect rounded facial contours enhance comfort.

What orthodontists will find …

  • Easy identification
    Colour-mark on the gingival distal tie-wings identify the four quadrants.
    FDI notations in the base for accurate placement on the right tooth.
  • Accurate placement
    Anatomically contour-compound base for fast and accurate fit.
  • Available in Roth.022/.018. MBT.022

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