Design features


  • Interactive clear self-ligating bracket with a metal spring-clip
  • Dual options for opening the spring-clip/ hole on top or pushing from the gingival side
  • Made of transparent ceramic material
  • Contoured appearance for maximum comfort
  • Ceramic mesh base
  • Available in Roth .022


Glassfiber composite polymer bonding tube with torque-in-base for lower profile and reduced occlusal interference.

Two types fit all molars,.018 and .022 archwire slots in the same attachment.

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Mini and Medium metal brackets with sandblasted base

Everything you need in a high quality orthodontic appliance at an
affordable cost. Made of high quality Swedish stainless steel.

• Prescription Roth and MBT

• Slot .018 and .022

• Hooks on 3 or 3, 4, 5

• Lower profile design for minimum occlusal interference

• Deeper tie wings undercut for easy ligation

• Anatomically contoured sandblasted mesh base for better bond strength and accurate fit.

• Rhomboidal shape

• Colour coding on bracket wings

• 80 gauge mesh pad for an anatomically formed fit and maximum bonding strength

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What orthodontists will find..

  • Trumpet entry for fast guiding of the arch wire
  • Available in convertible and nonconvertible
  • Color code and base laser mark makes it easy to identify
  • Positioning notch to assist with placement
  • Rounded ball hook design offer maximum comfort
  • 80 gauge mesh pad for an anatomically formed fit and
    maximum bonding strenght
  • Metal injection molding (MIM) for low friction and precise accuracy

What patients will find..

  • Maximum comfort due to the low profile, rounded edge ballhooks
  • Minimal irritation due to smooth design with no sharp edges
  • Excellent biocompatibility from highly corrosion resistant stainless steel

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New fashion forward Citizen Vogue for the young patients.

  • Available in Roth .022 and .018
  • Shape of a heart, star and flower
  • Mesh base
  • ID mark in the base
  • Hooks on 3 or 3, 4, 5
Citizen™ Vogue brochure

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Clear Lingual Direct Bonding Self-Ligating Bracket

Why a transparent lingual bracket?

  • No dark shades from brackets visible through teeth
  • Truly esthetic – also on lower teeth

”The Örtendahl lingual system”

  • Self-ligating
  • Direct bonding with fixed placement-guide guarantees correct position on tooth
  • Active in final stage with larger arch wires
  • Optional ceramic tubes on premolars
  • Great patient comfort from protective polymer closing door

Bracket placing instructions

1. Put the placement-guide against the incisal edge

2. Remove the guide

3. Open door for wire insertion

The placement-jig can easily be removed by hand or by a cutting instrument after bonding – see illustration. Bonds to most common adhesives. However, for certain bondingmaterials a plastic conditioner is recommended.

Phantom Pearl Chain

Extra thin elastic chain for the lingual side in size long, short and continuous.

Incisors and Cuspids


Ceramic tubes for premolars and molars

Phantom™ Product Sheet

Phantom™ Instruments Product Sheet


The Perfect Combination of Aesthetic and Clinical Performance


Composite twin coloured bracket

Put some colours into your patients smile with coloured blonde. Most young patients prefer coloured ligatures. Why not go all the way and offer them coloured brackets like the Blonde Rainbow Edition, a composite bracket in pink, blue, red and pearl violet.

Blonde Rainbow

  • You don´t need an assortment of coloured ligatures, only one transparent type will do.
  • Goes particularly well with Imagination™, toothcoloured arch wires.
  • Rhomboid shape for easy bracketplacement
  • Puts fashion into orthodontics, great patient motivator.

Glass-reinforced composite polymer bracket

Blonde offers both the strength and the good looks that willgive you and your patient great satisfaction. The Blonde bracket is available in Standard Edgewise and in a complete and true ”Straight-Arch” formula with:

  • Ins and outs
  • Torque in base
  • Rhomboid shape for easy bracketplacement
  • Rotation and anti-rotation offsets
  • Hooks available on cuspids/bicuspids
  • Mechanical/chemical lock bonding base
  • Each bracket is identified, according to the FDI-system, with engraved numbers in the bracketbase.

Press release, Orthodontic Products online

Coloured composite bracket

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The perfect combination of Aesthetic and clinical performance

Image is a fiber-glass composite polymer bracket, that offers all the mechanical advantages of metal brackets and the esthetics of ceramics, without any of their limitations.

Good looks

Image stain-resistant material retains an Aesthetic appearance throughout treatment. Upper and lower arches can confidentially be bonded, since enamel wear is virtually eliminated when in occlusion.


Use your favorite bonding material, the mechanical lock base provides for easy and safe bonding, without the need for additional conditioner.


A color coding system and placement jigs makes identification and alignment on the tooth real easy.

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Ceramic Brackets

Mechanical performance

  • One-body manufacturing injection process solves the problem of brittleness and breakage and guarantees the precise slot.
  • Undercut mesh in base enables optimal bonding strength and easy debonding.

Physical characteristics

  • High breakage resistance and torque strength are achieved from the dense polycrystalline structure.
  • Good biocompatibility, colour stability and no discolouration.

What patients will find …

  • Aesthetics
    A more transparent and invisible appearance.
  • Comfortable
    Smooth surface, lower profile, smart hooks and perfect rounded facial contours enhance comfort.

What orthodontists will find …

  • Easy identification
    Colour-mark on the gingival distal tie-wings identify the four quadrants.
    FDI notations in the base for accurate placement on the right tooth.
  • Accurate placement
    Anatomically contour-compound base for fast and accurate fit.
  • Available in Roth.022/.018. MBT.022


  • Stainless steel 17-4 molded construction for exceptional strength and durability.
  • Passive, smooth clip design, opens and closes easier.
  • Small size and lower profile. Smooth, rounded corners for patients’ maximum comfort.
  • Vertical and horizontal auxiliary slots can be used for traction and provide greater versatility for novel treatment applications.
  • Laser welding mesh base for strong bonding, laser mark for easy identification.
  • Advanced passive self-ligation technology with light force orthodontic system, can shorten the course of clinic treatment efficiently.
  • Clinically proven passive self-ligation technology for fast, low-friction tooth movement.



  • Translucent and stain-resistant, Oyster C brackets are an excellent fully-esthetic choice for you and your patients.
  • Innovative, smooth ceramic bracket surfaces and edges are designed for patient comfort so your patients can live confidently.
  • Oyster C self-ligating brackets are passive, but can be activated with the proprietary oval under tie-wing ligation design.
  • Reliable door mechanism designed to resist unplanned opening and closing.



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SmartBond – A New Approach to Bonding

SmartBond gives you the opportunity to bond brackets and buccal tubes in a wet field.

It is important that the tooth surface is kept wet during the bonding procedure. The water will start the polymerization and initiate the curing process. No other chemicals are necessary.

Clinical Procedure Report
Bonding Adhesive Report
Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Report


A thermoactivated BioForce .018x.025 as an initial archwire can be ligated after 3-5 min.
Leave the excess adhesive on the enamel after bonding and simply spray with water. The adhesive will polymerize instantly and turn into a white powder that will be brushed off by the patient, and you save time.
After 14 months of treatment, there is no discoloration when bonding with SmartBond.
Same debonding procedure as with other adhesives.
SmartBond will not cause any enamel damage.

Indirect Bonding

SmartBond is the perfect adhesive for indirect technique.
Bracket tray section bonded with SmartBond.


Good for bonding of tooth jewelery.
Excellent for bonding of eruption appliances for impacted canines.
SmartBond also works in saliva and blood. Click on the link for an instruction movie;
Impacted tooth exposure & uncovering for orthodontics.




Opens Deep Bite Without Trauma

Bite-Bumpers work in open and deep bite cases by allowing the anteriors to ride up and out of occlusion. The Bite-Bumpers eliminate bond failures of brackets and are especially valuable with ceramic or self-ligating brackets.

The unique fixed ”placement-jig” guarantees the correct height on the lingual of the tooth and makes sure the two Bite-Bumpers are 100 % parallel.

The Bite-Bumpers are made of a composite polymer that is more comfortable, aesthetic and will increase biocompatibility in nickel sensitive patients.

Bite-Bumpers are bonded in the same manner as metal or ceramic brackets. The Bite-Bumpers have a slotted mechanical bonding base.
The placement-jig can easily be removed by hand or by a cutting instrument after bonding – see illustration.


1. Put the placement-jig
against the incisal edge
2. Remove the jig 3. Bite-Bumper ready

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Ceramic buttons

The Freddy ceramic button* is the perfect clear utility button for all aesthetic appliances.

  • Works lingual as well as labial
  • The Oral surgeons use them whenever clear appliances are indicated
  • Mesh structure of base makes a strong bonding
  • Bonds well with most common adhesives
  • Anatomy and size of base fits all teeth
  • Enough space around tie wing for all elastics
  • Maintains the transparent look for aligners as anchorage for elastics


Product images

FREDDY™ Ceramic buttons brochure


The Freddy hook has a smooth low profile and ellipse shape.

It has the same chararistics as the standard Freddy button and matches perfect together with Invisalign and other aligners as well as hook for class II mechanics in lingual.

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IPR Gauge Set

Used during Interproximal Reduction (IPR) to measure and confirm space.

  • Includes six gauges: 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, and 0.5mm
  • Stainless steel
  • Autoclavable

Product images


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This unique Interproximal reduction  instrument comes  as one or double sided in an assortment kit.

  • The single sided is perfect for contouring and finishing composite restorations as well as single tooth slenderization.
  • The double sided is especially well suited for interproximal reductions.
  • There is also a serrated saw that is very suitable for separating contacts that have become fused with composite or cement.

The  blade holder has an adjustable part that allows the operator to curve the same for easy and accurate stripping of contoured teeth.

Available in four different types and thicknesses.

Product images

Sunset strip brochure


Aligner remover

A special patient tool for removing aligners in the mouth.

• Especially made for easy removal of aligners in both upper and lower jaws

• Made in Titanium-coated Steel for preventing nickel allergies

• Correct ergonomically design with good leverage for easy removal of aligner in upper and lower jaw

• Multiple uses the whole treatment time

• Cleans in dishwasher

Product images

Extrusion eyelet

• Gold plated eyelet and chain reduces possibility of allergic reactions
• Low profile limits irritation
• Mesh base assures reliable bonding

Bond the extrusion eyelet to an impacted tooth, then engage traction force.

Part# EE-00-01, Extrusion Eyelet ovoid

Part # EE-00-02, Extrusion Eyelet round

Part # EE-00-03, Extrusion Eyelet square

Part # EE-00-04, Extrusion Caplin hook w chain

CITIZEN™ Lingual metal button

Part # CIB-00-01 Flat, CIB-00-02 Curved

CITIZEN™ Caplin hook, steel

Part # CIB-00-03


Tooth-Colored Arch Wires

• A complete aesthetic look with half tooth colored archwire.

• PTFE coating adds a minimal thickness (.0008 to .001 inch) to the archwire and
is applied only to the labial surface.

• No friction between wire and bracket slot – only raw wire in contact with bracket.

• Longer lasting aesthetics as the labial side is not in contact with bracket and
”scratches” the coating.

• Coating does not change fit relationship between wire and bracket thus wire
protocol remains same. Movements such as torque and tipping are fully expressed
according to the wire size – more control.

Imagination™ Half & Half brochure


High performance line of othodontic wires

The Citizen archwire system offers a comprehensive, high performance line of orthodontic wires. Our wires feature a wide selection of characteristics, qualities and dimensions manufactured to the industry’s most precise tolerance. Available in NiTi, Stainless steel, Posted Stainless steel, Heat-treated NiTi and TiMo.

Citizen arch wires part number

Product images


Crile Murray, # G-124

Mathieu needle holder, # G-216

Jarabak plier, # G-209

Angled bracket remover, # G-344

Bracket remover, # G-545

Posterior band remover, #G-347

Distal end cutter, # G-550
Cutt arch wires up to .021x.025

Distal end cutter, mini # G-554
Cutt arch wires from .014 till maximum .021x.025

Weingart plier, # G-556

Ligature cutter, # G-552
Cutt soft arch wires up to .012

Ligature cutter, mini # G-551
Cutt soft arch wires up to .014

Lange Probe, # LA-CO-01

Duett cap opener, # PH-CO-01

Springtime C Opener # SPC-00-01




Cheek retractor

Lip Retractor, adult and child size

Evacu Cheek retractor

Thomas Photo/Cheek retractor



Latex Product images


Separators Blue

Part # RS-RES-00

Product images


Product images


Rubber soul ties assorted:

Basic Part # RS-AP-02
Multi Part # RS-AP-03
Neon Part # RS-AP-01
Clear Part # RS-CL-00

Product images


Product images

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