Tooth-Colored Arch Wires

• A complete aesthetic look with half tooth colored archwire.

• PTFE coating adds a minimal thickness (.0008 to .001 inch) to the archwire and
is applied only to the labial surface.

• No friction between wire and bracket slot – only raw wire in contact with bracket.

• Longer lasting aesthetics as the labial side is not in contact with bracket and
”scratches” the coating.

• Coating does not change fit relationship between wire and bracket thus wire
protocol remains same. Movements such as torque and tipping are fully expressed
according to the wire size – more control.

Imagination™ Half & Half brochure


High performance line of othodontic wires

The Citizen archwire system offers a comprehensive, high performance line of orthodontic wires. Our wires feature a wide selection of characteristics, qualities and dimensions manufactured to the industry’s most precise tolerance. Available in NiTi, Stainless steel, Posted Stainless steel, Heat-treated NiTi and TiMo.

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