Tooth-Colored Arch Wires

Epoxy coated tooth-colored arch wires with a NiTi (superelastic) or stainless steel core. Imagination offers very low friction when used with Image or any ceramic or plastic brackets (see PDF).

  • Superior wear resistance and color stability
  • Retains superelastic qualities
  • More natural looking than white coatings
  • The only complete aesthetic wire range for a full treatment
  • Available in all common round, square and rectangular sizes
  • Also available with reverse curve of spee

German University report on friction

Belgian University study on friction

Product sheet


High performance line of othodontic wires

The Citizen archwire system offers a comprehensive, high performance line of orthodontic wires. Our wires feature a wide selection of characteristics, qualities and dimensions manufactured to the industry’s most precise tolerance. Available in NiTi, Stainless steel, Posted Stainless steel, Heat-treated NiTi and TiMo.

Citizen arch wires part number

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